You can call us a bunch of dreamers who love to paint their world colorful. We know one thing for sure about ourselves: we enjoy creating, painting, playing with designs and accessories. Our products are full of life and will resonate with classical tastes, the avant-garde enthusiasts, those optimists among us who are open to the many wonders of the world and all of you out there, who enjoy a pinch of craziness in your lives.

We refuse to tread along the beaten path and we have so far managed to remain true to our open minds and an out-of-the-box mentality. The world we create is a happy, joyful one. It is a world we are proud and excited to welcome you, and your children, into.

Kids are the first and foremost reason that we open new doors for, it is for them that we strive to be the best we can be and ultimately: to give them what is most colorful and wonderful in this world. With caution and care we present our ideas to children and we are rewarded with smiles and joy. And this makes us think: we've done everything we could to make our products as good, as possible.

From the initial, often fantastic and crazy concepts, through the first basic outline of an actual idea, to the last seam and the linen bag in which the product is packaged into... We know that we are offering our tiny clients that, what is best in us and what we want to share - absolute joy.

La Millou means being nice. And colorful. And staying safe and protected. We're on that way of thinking like a koala is on a tree branch and judging by the smiles we get in return for what we do - this is the way things are going to stay around here. Polish kids and their parents know us and like us, but we managed to offer quality hugs and cuddles to hundreds, maybe even thousands of fantastic people abroad... All of our products are designed in Poland and most of them are produced locally. Are attested and have won numerous prizes and awards in a number of prestigious competitions.

We have a positive opinion from the Institute of Mother and Child. But perhaps most importantly - we really want you to know how important it is for us to produce things that are exceptional and make you happy. We are constant contestants of mediocrity and kitsch. We want La Millou to be a testimony of how important it is to meet the right kind of people and what can be done with such a great team. We feel that we have successfully created a brand of products that would make any mother, anywhere in the world, proud.

We run on transparency - if there's anything, literally: anything at all that you'd be interested in knowing about us - fire away. Write anytime, or call us. We'll be more than happy to chat and learn from you. After all, the opinions and experiences coming from out most important clients: the caring and loving parents around the world, are what makes us who we are.

Forever smiling, The La Millou Team.


Like everybody else, we love to have fun. However, never at the expense of safety. That's why we only work with tested and trusted suppliers. Our selection process is long and rigorous, leaving only attested and certified materials to choose from. And that's that, no exceptions, no leniency. We look for solutions ensuring the baby's safety and the mother's confidence all over the world. We make sure that our products pose absolutely no threats to the baby's health, creating a friendly environment to grow up in. That's why we only work with the best fabric manufacturers. The materials we use meet any and all safety norms and are OEKO-TEX 100 CLASS I certified - this means that they meet the restrictive demands that are expected from baby and infant products.

CLASS I confirms that any content of formaldehyde in a product is harmless to health; this substance is very dangerous for the baby if inhaled, or when it comes in contact with the skin.

Our fabrics are durable, but soft; the colors are vibrant and last long thanks to our unique and absolutely safe printing method, Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

Even the threads we use are Oeko-Tex 100 certified.

The waterproof plastic fabric and any other plastic materials used in our accessories do not contain phthalates, or BPA.

Our products are 100% safe - no hazardous elements whatsoever. For example our zipper-closed sleeping bags are designed in such a way that the zipper body is completely hidden and contains no protruding parts. As per the safety guidelines for all baby and infant products.

The filling is sewn into our coverlets, pillows and other products, which means that they can be washed as often as needed to keep them clean and fresh.

All ribbons and tags in the Sensor Fun Pad™ are of regulatory length and in line with safety guidelines.

Our pillows for babies are very flat, so that the baby’s head does not sink into it.

The Angel's Wings® pillow received a positive opinion of the Institute of Mother and Child. (No: OP- 4634/2014).

La Millou® toys are produced according to the directives applicable to the manufacturing of products for babies (including the latest amendments of 20 July 2011).

The Woody Bunny teether has received a IMD Op-4828/2016 positive opinion valid through 15.03.2019.



From the first to the last seam, we want to make sure that all our products will meet your expectations in terms of quality, design and their softness. Whenever you see, or feel our products you will know immediately that this is not just a slogan: this is the true sense of what we do. After we finish creating each and every product we attach our signature tag, a stylish paper label, a heart pendant. This is how it makes its way over to You, so that you can feel the joy of unpacking it the moment it gets there, or make somebody you care for happy with such a nicely wrapped gift.



The La Millou paper tag, attached to every shipment that leaves out doors, is not only cute, but it also makes things so much more personal: you can write, or even draw something for that special someone in your life. A small detail that makes a difference.



We want you to know how much heart we put into our products. That's why everything your get from us comes with cute little heart tag. A smile and piece of our heart are the two things we always include in our gifts!



Our products come with an original, branded tag...which comes as no surprise, every product has one. But our tag stands for something more. it's a seal of guarantee that says: the product is ready for use, tested and build to last.


As you most likely already know, we make go the extra mile to make sure that your product is perfect and will last for years to come. When we're done creating it we attach our signature tag, a stylish paper label, a heart pendant. This is how it makes its way over to You, so that you can feel the joy of unpacking it the moment it gets there, or make somebody you care for happy with such a nicely wrapped gift. We don't mind, as long as you are happy!


For a moment there we were thinking of writing something along the lines of: "We're a young team of professional who can tackle any challenge". But then it would just make you think that we have nothing better to say about ourselves. And we'd feel terrible, because we totally do! We're a bunch of lucky people who came across a group of other lucky people, just like us. We have a lot in common, but one thing is of utmost importance: we're young in spirit and love to make other people happy. We dislike boring solutions and mediocrity, and can't stand nagging. We love what we do and do what we love. Do we like new challenges? Absolutely! We challenge ourselves every day and when you finally get to know our products - we're sure you'll know that we face everyday challenges with a smile on our faces.


We like working with great people, so we invited a group of Polish artists to work with us. Thus, La Millou was joined by: Anna Mucha, Magdalena Różczka and Katarzyna Zielińska. Alongside working with Polish actresses we also made sure that everything we undertake was done here, in Poland. From the initial design, to the last seam. Everything we have ever used in our products - the materials and fabrics, the threads and other accessories - have been thoroughly tested, attested and certified. The way we handle our production process means that you can rest assured that regardless of what you do with our products and however much fun you have while using them - you will always feel your baby is well protected and cared for, from the very first days of its life.

Marcin Tyszka

What strongly connects us with Marcin is our friendship, love of art and design. We share a passion for looking at the world and being inspired by its beauty. Thanks to Marcin we have got to know the richness of the world of plants and we have discovered in it the endless potential of creation.

Our story started with… a gift. It was a large format photograph of a beautiful and colourful bouquet of flowers. Only a few days later we showed Marcin a blanket adorned with that photograph. From this moment it became clear that we wanted to work together on a collection inspired by plants.

Marcin Tyszka is a world-famous photographer, fashion, art and interior design lover. However, for many years his plants have been his greatest passion. He collects exotic species of flowers, palms and lithographs of orchids. He feels best surrounded by nature and greenery which stimulates his creativity. and passion for creation.

A richness in colours and an almost dreamlike line was the inspiration behind the creation of La Millou by Marcin Tyszka collection.

“Lithographs were the foundation for the patterns. After scanning the artwork I started playing with the form and experimenting. The motives that arose from this connects two worlds - a colourful fairytale, slightly abstract world that appeals to children and deep prints from western fashion shows. It is also a combination of my professional world relating to fashion and my private one which is full of nature and plants,” Marcin Tyszka explains. “My mother often laughs that it's my obsession”, he adds.

In addition to typical regular La Millou products such as blankets and beddings, there are also kimonos for mothers and daughters in this collection. The La Millou by Marcin Tyszka collection will expand over time with new products.

New collection have rich and intense colours but Marcin's designs will also include pastels and more delicate patterns.

Along with quality, we also understand your need for practicality and time saving and that’s why all La Millou products are machine washable. Thanks to the carefully selected fabrics, products dry very quickly and maintain their quality and colour!

Maciej Zakościelny

Maciej Zakościelny

Dear Lions! The long awaited, heroic and fearless Brave Lion will be ready to make your house his home in a few days! Maciej Zakościelny - the creator of the collection has designed it with his son in mind - and also with every little boy out there who has ever dreamed of becoming a Fireman:) The grand premiere of the collection will happen on the 10th of July. It will feature blankets, pillows and an assortment of stroller accessories...but that's not all!! Maciek is full of ideas for new products that we are very eager to create, while forwarding a big chunk of our earnings towards a valiant cause - stay tuned for more details! We would like to welcome our new Ambassador, Maciek, to the team and thank him for all the positive energy he's brought to La Millou!

Maja Bohosiewicz

Maja Bohosiewicz

Who's the rainbow master? - that's the exact question Maja Bohosiewicz asked herself just before she created a pastel world of colorful unicorns! It's a rainbow extravaganza, where joy intertwines with imagination, while you host - Maja, with her bright smile and optimistically crazy attitude will gladly show you around this rainbow master's land. Take a look for yourself.

Anna Mucha

Anna Mucha

We've been working with Ania since 2012 - she's an actress, but most importantly - a mom of two cute toddlers. Ania has been kind enough to design two collections for us: The Royal Skulls and Ptasie Radio, La Millou by Anna Mucha lines. Both went on to become bestsellers.



Want to listen to a story? Well, here it is: the story of how Grandma Dana's Hen came about and became something of a staple for La Millou. We love it dearly and associate nothing but good thoughts with it. So saying that it's just another product story would be an understatement. A big one at that. Here goes! Some time ago Grandma Dana, the boss' mother in law, designed, stitched together and gave her two sons and husband a hen-pillow... And it was a blast! Just a few days later the hen made it to our showroom, because the boss wanted to show her partner the lovely and thoughtful gift. The hen spent some time in the company, because nobody wanted to give it back.

Same goes for the clients: everybody who visited us at the time wanted to buy the hen-pillow, but it wasn't even a product we offered at the time. Buy hey, that's how history is made: it was obviously the right hen at the right time and place, so we decided that the client is always right (because that's true!) and decided to start producing it to answer the growing demand. The hen came out beautiful, ergonomic and multifunctional. It's designed to last, so it starts off as a pillow for future moms, then transforms into a feeding pillow, a comfortable chair for the baby, later it serves as a mascot for hugging and cuddling and finally it might even end up as a great laptop rest for your lap.

The first version of Grandma Dana's Hen had its eyes and crest made of felt and was a little bit different from what you get today. However, after only one year it was already made entirely of cotton and had a lovely, soft belly. And in that very form in 2013 it won, much to our surprise (and joy!), the "Mam Dziecko" magazine's Product of the Year Award, making it a product recognized worldwide. Today we ship it to the US, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan and even Australia, which of course makes us very happy. After all, it was created because a certain grandma loved her children...and today it brings happiness to kids all over the world.


Did you know that the first ever minky blanked created in Poland was produced in La Millou? Well, now you do. Cross our hearts! It was June 2011 and we could feel the heat. And not because of the temperature outside. It was then that after 6 months of diligent and thorough research into finding the perfect fabric, choosing the right extras, drinking too much coffee, brainstorming and testing out ideas - IT came to life - the minky blanket. From the very beginning we were looking for something that would combine the fluffiness of a real coverlet and the softness of minky.

And that's exactly what we created, a cross-breed between a blanket and a coverlet in its own right. It works in a crib, a bed, a stroller and a carriage equally well. It will help your baby sleep, keep it warm and protected against the wind and low temperatures. This blanket has literally one main characteristic: it has no flaws! Easy to keep clean and super durable, making it practically indestructible. It's yet another reason for us to be proud, a true La Millou classic, Its Royal Softness - the Minky Blanket.