La Millou by Marcin Tyszka

What strongly connects us with Marcin is our friendship, love of art and design. We share a passion for looking at the world and being inspired by its beauty. Thanks to Marcin we have got to know the richness of the world of plants and we have discovered in it the endless potential of creation.

Our story started with… a gift. It was a large format photograph of a beautiful and colourful bouquet of flowers. Only a few days later we showed Marcin a blanket adorned with that photograph. From this moment it became clear that we wanted to work together on a collection inspired by plants.

Marcin Tyszka is a world-famous photographer, fashion, art and interior design lover. However, for many years his plants have been his greatest passion. He collects exotic species of flowers, palms and lithographs of orchids. He feels best surrounded by nature and greenery which stimulates his creativity. and passion for creation.

A richness in colours and an almost dreamlike line was the inspiration behind the creation of La Millou by Marcin Tyszka collection.

“Lithographs were the foundation for the patterns. After scanning the artwork I started playing with the form and experimenting. The motives that arose from this connects two worlds - a colourful fairytale, slightly abstract world that appeals to children and deep prints from western fashion shows. It is also a combination of my professional world relating to fashion and my private one which is full of nature and plants,” Marcin Tyszka explains. “My mother often laughs that it's my obsession”, he adds.

In addition to typical regular La Millou products such as blankets and beddings, there are also kimonos for mothers and daughters in this collection. The La Millou by Marcin Tyszka collection will expand over time with new products.

New collection have rich and intense colours but Marcin's designs will also include pastels and more delicate patterns.

Along with quality, we also understand your need for practicality and time saving and that’s why all La Millou products are machine washable. Thanks to the carefully selected fabrics, products dry very quickly and maintain their quality and colour!