La Millou around the world

Who would have thought? Our beloved La Millou finds distributors outside our Poland... We are absolutely thrilled to learn that people love what we do even abroad. So, if for whatever reason you cannot come to Poland to get a La Millou product you like, or you are looking for a stylish gift: the following list is for you. Sprechen wir Deutch? Ja, ein Bisschen (yeah, a little). Do we speak English? Sure. That's why kids know us even in the far north and in countries where kindergarten lessons include eating with chopsticks. Join our family from everywhere, you are always welcome!

Our trusted sources tell us that you are your families are planning to move, or already have. That's normal and we're happy to hear that you're looking for your happy place on Earth! If you are out there, or have friends who would be interested in our products, but cannot make a purchase inside Poland - do no despair! Just write an e-mail to this address

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