La Millou by Lara Gessler

Lara Gessler is not only a well-known restaurateur, but also a mum of the lovely Nena, who was born over a year ago. Motherhood and the emotions associated with it delight Lara, which she often expresses on Instagram. In the latest La Millou collection, created in collaboration with her, you can feel the joyful Mediterranean atmosphere full of sunshine and good fun. Just as in fusion cuisine, new flavours are obtained by combining traditional recipes from different places or eras. Here 3 sophisticated designs have been created on the basis of tradition in a modern way:  Cute Mice, Marbella Vichy and Barcelona Vichy. 

Cute Mice
This design is full of sweetness, reminiscent of a picnic in a sunny glade. It features watercolour woodland mice snacking on raspberries, which is an unusual take on a classic design. Especially when this pattern is combined with either Marbella Vichy or Barcelona Vichy. The red of the raspberries and the luscious green of the leaves blend naturally with them. 

Marbella Vichy
The red and raspberry version of the check refers to sweet raspberries and aromatic Spanish tomatoes. It brings to mind family meals in a sunny garden, the laughter and bustle of voices, and the joy of spending time together. It perfectly matches the juicy, bold colour of velvet in Florida Pink.

Barcelona Vichy
The green-blue check is reminiscent of the intense green of urban gardens and the dry scent of herbs. It is associated with a moment of relaxation and blissful rest in the shade of leaves. In combination with the dark green Forest Green velvet it looks extremely elegant and stylish.